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Buckle Up For Chi was established  to honor the memory of an amazing man whose life was tragically changed after he was involved in a car accident in which he was not wearing his seat belt. This campaign serves as a tribute to not only the legacy he left behind, but to the lives that will be saved because of seat belt awareness.

Founded in November 2013; brought to life by the late Chi Cheng's family, friends, and fans; run 100% by volunteers, BUFC's mission is simple: to save the world through seat belt safety awareness. Thank you Chi. We celebrate your life and will make you proud.
Buckle Up For Chi Advisory Board:
Christina Rogers - Executive Director

Michelle Katz - Executive Secretary
Missy Giffin - Social Media Director

Rena Keller - Marketing Manager

Sly Masmeijer - Art Director

Lothar Keller - Qumran Record Label

Jennifer Paulson, Jenniffer Rogers, Anthony Miranda (Stormy Normy) - Ambassadors

Special thank you to our friends:

Sly Masmeijer

Lothar Keller

Qumran Records

Scott Bowling of Good Company

Deft-Ones (a tribute to deftones)

Christy Harrison


Jeanne Marie Cheng
Gloria Cavalera (Soulfly Tribe)

Christina Rogers

Craig Leese

Amber Moir

Thank you to all artists who have contributed to our project. Sly Masmeijer, Gerardo Acevedo Jr, Mike Dewolf, Josh Perry.

Donations can be made via paypal or VENMO at: 100% of the funds will go into purchasing more merchandise to spread seat belt safety awareness.

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