Inspired by Chi’s brilliant sister Mae, Buckle Up For Chi is honored to launch: The HEAD UP Project. So what's it all about? It's about encompassing all the things our community stands for: connection, lifting each other and ourselves up, and never giving up.

The HEAD UP Project was born directly out of The Buckle up for Chi community, and of course Chi and his music. Think of the intense feeling and power of Chi's bass sound and how the music moves through you with each song. Think of the message that is conveyed when you hear the lyrics “With attitude will and your spirit”. Remember the universal truth of: “Walk into this world with your head up high.”  By conquering each day and inspiring others, leaning on a friend or a stranger, knowing you are not alone but connected through music and love, together, we can pay it forward and back through The HEAD UP Project.

You guys on board? We thought you might be.

So how do you get involved?

We have put together these ways you can HEAD UP with us as we launch the project!


I. We know you love free stickers, so of course we have them for you as a reminder to keep your HEAD UP, find your hope, be the hope, and make it through. Just send your mailing address to HeadUpBUFC@gmail.com and we will get them out to you!


II. Get styled with HEAD UP wristbands to wear as a daily reminder to pay it forward and spread love. You will receive 1 for you & 1 for a friend.  You just chip in for shipping.  CLICK HERE 


III. Lastly, we have a very rare and special release of “A Night of Poetry” read and written by Chi Cheng from 2001. This is exclusive to Buckle Up For Chi is now available on vinyl in black and swirl variants. (Yellow is sold out) PURCHASE HERE


Thank you to everyone who bought a holiday HEAD UP ornament, CD, vinyl and raffle tickets to support our project. Congratulations to the winners!



Excited? You know we are. Buckle Up For Chi has always been blessed to keep Chi’s legacy alive and we strive to continue to do so with the launch of The HEAD UP Project. Through this initiative and our loyal community, we will continue to support each other, spread peace, music, love, and as always: FLY HIGH. We hold close and keep to the tenets that Chi stood for: caring, kindness, and empathy. We continue to honor those ideas, Chi's legacy, and thank you all for being apart of The Buckle Up For Chi Community. 

So what are you waiting for? Get in on The HEAD UP Project and let your soul fly free.




Special thank you to Qumran Records, Sly Masmeijer, Mike Figliola and the mighty BUFC Crew

To keep up with latest updates, ticket drawings and for more information, 'Like' us on Facebook at Buckle Up for Chi and follow us on Instagram and Twitter!



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