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Aunt Mary

Chi Cheng was larger than life in so many ways. He was physically imposing, outgoing, gregarious, exuberant; but more recognizable for his warm, friendly smile and his kidness than for anything else. What most people talked about when they met him was his kindness and generosity, It wasn't a show. It wasn't for PR. It wasn't a temporary stage in his life. As his aunt, I know that sincerity and generosity were the hallmark characteristics of his personality throughout his life.

There are so many stories about him, about his kindness to strangers, to fans, to every person he encountered on his journey. The stories speak for themselves. I want to say that he truly was that caring person that people talk about. Chi embraced life and all its experiences with enthusiasm and joy. He cared about each person he met, and made an impact on them.

He was real. At 38, he had so much more to give, to enjoy, to love, and we lost him too soon. Why? Because of a seemingly trivial oversight-he didn't buckle up. Chi would not want this to happen to you. Please buckle up-everytime!

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