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You Never Know - Kyle Colson of Lucid

There are times in my life when I thought I was invincible. Like most boys, growing up in the late 80's/early 90's I was indoctrinated with GI Joes, WWF, and superheros. I wanted to be like them. I bought their figurines and with my imagination I could pretend to be whoever I wanted. I did things when I was younger that doing now would totally scare the shit out of me. My likes and interests have changed throughout my life but there has been one thing that has been Music has been in my life since I can remember. The first memory of my life would be in 1989 when I was 5 years old driving with my mom singing Lita Ford's "Kiss Me Deadly" at the top of her lungs. Still to this day driving and listening to music is one of my favorite things to do. Music is a timeline for me. When I put on certain songs/albums I remember the times and events from my life that I may have forgotten. It was a 5 hour drive to Iowa in the Fall of 2006 when I musically fell in love with deftones. A late bloomer if you will :-) I listened to their first 5 albums from start to finish and something happened to me. Ever since that moment they are what you would call "my favorite band." They are the band I would choose if I had to pick one band to listen to for the rest of my life. It's crazy how a group of guys that make art can affect the world as they do. What's even crazier is one of those members are no longer with us and not only is still affecting the world but has the power to change it. It doesn't take much to change the world. I think if you can make a difference in one person's life, that it can spider web into something epic. BUFC is that spider web. I can admit I was irresponsible for a long time. I used to be that guy that didn't wear a seat belt, I thought I was invincible. Even after seeing multiple stories of people that if they would have been wearing their seat belt they may have had a better chance of surviving accidents. You never know when this year is your last, its your last week, it is your last day, last hour, last minute, last second. One day about a month or so ago I received a BUFC bracelet in the mail. Since that day I wear my seat belt all the time. If I happen to be in a hurry and pull out my driveway without it on, I have a constant reminder on my wrist to buckle up. It feels like a guardian. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank Jeanne Cheng, Gloria Cavalera, Christina Rogers, Craig Leese and Amber Moir for carrying on Chi's legacy and doing something positive for the world. This is one person's life you have made a difference in. onelove.

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