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My Day with Chi - Heidi Karlsen of One Love For Chi

My day with Chi As requested, I’m writing a little something.. Ever since I first heard Deftones in 2000 and saw them live in 2001, I’ve had a special place in my heart for Chi. Some of the things he cared about and charity work he did felt very personal to me due to my life at the time; like PETA2 and especially WEAVE. He just seemed like such a special and caring soul.

I never got to meet him. Growing up in a tiny part of Norway, there weren’t many chances to, and when I moved to England, things still kept coming in the way. When I couldn’t go in 2007 when the band played Rock City, I thought.. ‘Oh well. I still have time.’ Turns out I didn’t.

Since then, in my little corner of the internet, I’ve tried to spread awareness, and we’ve come together to share our love for him. I was fortunate enough to get to speak with his mom and brother, Ming, (and other family members) there. We also spent hours on the one love for chi website. Hours spent in the chat room there.. Lots of tears but also laughter.

I’ve pondered how different it could have turned out. If Chi, in the split second it takes to make a decision, decided to wear a seatbelt we could have gotten to keep him. It really is that simple.

Might even have had my own moment with Chi. Because once I realised how easy it was to meet the band, I didn’t get less disappointed with myself for not having pushed harder while I still had the chance. Being there hours before/after shows, I have been fortunate enough now to meet all of the guys. For which I am very grateful. Especially Stephen, - and Juan (In my head I kind of think of him as the ‘honorary Deftones’) What approachable guys.

So my moment with Chi is unfortunately a day dream. Ideally he would have time to spend with me because there is so much I wanted to ask him, and so much to talk about. It would be a regular day when he felt like taking his instrument with him to play with the young homeless people back home. Listening to them jamming would have been my ideal day. Maybe in between there would have been time to talk; about his poetry, Bukowski, Willie Nelson, animals, Buddhism.. Among other things. I would also have told him how he has inspired me to try to be a better person, everyday. I’m told he was an awesome cook so maybe he could have cooked for us afterwards. Driving there though we both would have BUCKLED UP.

Thinking “I still have time” might prove to be an error in judgment. It only takes a second. Traumatic Brain Injury is a lot more common than we think. Seize the day – It’s free, And so is saving a life.

Thank you Dai, for everything.

One love always. Heidi.

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