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If I had today with Chi - Michele Valykeo

Set in Seattle where I live nearly 20 years.

I'd take him to the Space Needle to find out if the coin machine that squishes pennies for 25 cents a piece is still there so we could stamp designs in the coins for fun. Then to the observation deck to shut our eyes to that magnificent view of the city only to open our eyes a few minutes later to see if the Space Needle is really still rotating ever so slowly or not. Then onto the Monorail - if it is still in operation - to ride through the Experience Music project just to hear his comments of the design of the EMP. I would take him to find the most spectacular graffiti I have ever seen; a wall sized statue ofliberty whose eyes will follow you down the Seattle street, hopefully it is still there. Half the fun is in the wondering. We'd go to the Pier where Ye Olde Curiosity Shop is located to see the piece of rice with a prayer written on it that can be viewed through a magnifying glass and all the interesting things that can keep a person fascinated all day long, forgetting everything else while gazing at it all. I would ask about his Ampeg amp I read that he owned. I owned one as my first amp. Talking about the sound of tube amps and their warmth and whether or not flat wound strings made the sound muddy when not using a pick could take an hour or more. I'd show him my own hybrid bass playing style that I fashioned from my formeryears as a guitarist, discuss jazz improv and what he thought of spoken word poets from long ago. I'd ask his thoughts about Sanatana Dharma and Siddhartha then Buddhism. We'd discuss where his favorite place in Seattle is and then go there unless he could not pick a favorite. I would want him to be as witty as he felt like being so I could enjoy the laughter and goodness life can bring while sitting by the Seattle water fountain at the Pacific Science center or walking around Gas Works Park. Seattle is a city of great memories....somewhere per string theory - all is there. Sweet synchronicity to you Chi.

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