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Don't Give Up! - Antonio Sanchez

So I was asked to write a blog about what I would do if I could spend 1 day with Chi. I have been thinking about this for a couple days since I was asked. The one thing that keeps coming to my mind is a dream I had about 3 months ago. I have only told 1 person about this dream and it has stuck with me since the day I had it. During the time of this dream I was struggling with my work, my family life, my relationship and just life in general. I was feeling very overwhelmed at this time. So with this I have decided to share this dream.

I was on a cruise ship with the band (Deftones) having a great time. Everyone was laughing and smiling. I remember mostly hanging with Steph and Chi. I know I saw Chino, Abe and Frank in the room also talking and laughing. All of a sudden I felt very stressed and closed in so I stepped out of the room to get some fresh air. So I go out on the deck of the ship by the railing to calm myself. Next thing I know I have fallen into the water and I am panicking to keep my head above the water. Every time I come up for air I see the ship getting further and further away. I'm trying to tell for someone to come get me but the ship is too far. All of a sudden as I'm about to give up hope sink I feel someone reach down, grab my hand and pull me up. I look and I see Chi there. I look into his eyes and he says to me, "I know it's hard but don't give up", I couldn't say anything. I woke up confused and in a sweat. Like I said I have only told one person about this dream and we talked about a meaning for it. The next couple days I could only hear him say to me "Don't give up". I could not get it out of my head. It made me feel so much better about all that was going on in my life at that moment. So to answer the question "if I could spend one day with Chi." I think I would probably thank him. Thank him for all he has done in his life. He was so much more then just the music. He was a great man. A great soul. He is missed every day and will never be forgotten. 1❤️

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