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Your life and Spirit will live through us all - Andrew Hernandez

If I were to have a day with Chi, I would start the day off by taking a walk through nature(Forest, Beach, etc). During our nature adventure I would ask him various questions like:

Who was the most influential person in your personal life? (Family or Friend)

What is your favorite memory with your Mom?

Describe the feeling and thoughts that ran through your mind as you held Gabe in your arms for the first time.

Good or Bad: What experience or moment in your life would you say changed you the most? How did it change you?

From there we would just talk about all the crazy antics and stories of his life.

To end the perfect day, I would just ask for the last couple of hours with him if we could just jam out and read his poetry.

Peace and Love Brother Chi. Your life and Spirit will live through us all.

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