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That and your big old soul hugs - Ming Cheng

Another day is here, and yet again, I don’t have the heart to kill myself. Coward? Maybe. Unmotivated? Definitely. Another year has come and gone and you’re not here. Not much has changed. There is a hole in the earth though without you here. Maybe you have a jam going in heaven with Jeff Hanneman and Clive Burr. What does that sound like? The blues? Somehow I doubt it. Now I only see you in dreams or on youtube. You are quite the comedian my friend, and I miss that. That and your big old soul hugs. Most people don’t know how to really dig in and give ya a hug. A beautiful thing has happened called “Buckle up for Chi.” If it saves even one life your death will not be in vain. Have met some beautiful people around the world that help to carry your torch and message of love. You are as big as you ever were in life, that’s how much you did in your short time here. Thank you brother for the gifts you left us. Thank you god for giving me this brother in this life. Thank you for the love you put into this world. Cheers, -M.

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