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Feel Like More - Kayna Puckett

In my own heart and mind: Empathy, humility, and being completely enraptured in THE MOMENT are the founding pillars of the legacy that IS Chi Cheng.

The truth of the matter is…. Not one of us is getting out alive. What will YOUR legacy be when your physical time on earth is done?

You will not be remembered for the mistakes you made (so be gentle with yourself. Your imperfections make you YOU), or the scenes you caused on those wild nights out (so laugh it off), for what you did for your 9 to 5 (so do something you love), for the car you drive, for the designer’s initials on your bag, your college degrees, or how “pretty” you were. These are fleeting.

Start a fire NOW that can never be extinguished. Lighten (better yet eliminate) your judgments on others, cultivate empathy, embrace humility.

Strive, at every turn, to be the best “human being” you can be. Think and live outside yourself every once in a while.

The girl behind the counter, who takes your money every morning when you go in for your daily coffee fix….smile, say “I appreciate YOU” and wish her well. She’s fighting her own fights.

The homeless guy sitting outside the door after that dinner out with friends; Buy him a meal, shake his hand, look him in the eyes and tell him you believe in his abilities AND MEAN IT. He’s battling demons you will never know.

Your words, your actions, your intentions (as small as they may seem)… can alter someone’s existence FOREVER so be gentle, be aware. Allow “the ONE love,” that unites us all, to infect you to the core. Spread it uncontrollably.

If there is something you love to do, something that enlivens your soul, something that fuels a happiness you can’t achieve through anything else...Do it NOW. Take a peek inside. You won’t know until you open the door. Feel like more until you KNOW you are more.

Any human being who taints your peace, WORKS to destroy your being, who faults you for morphing into the person you are meant to become does not deserve to play a role on your stage. You came into this world unique and so you shall leave. Do not allow the standards or actions of others dictate YOUR intentions. YOUR path is YOURS. THEIRS is THEIRS.

Molt, revolt, evolve, transcend the boundaries you THINK you know to be true. Find your own niche, make your own rules, break down THEIR boundaries and build your own.

To each and every one of you reading this, “YOU are significant, YOU are capable of wonders, YOU are beautiful, YOU are unique. Magic lies within you. Be bold. Be brave. Be wild.

Love fully

Live passionately

When you hear the music… dance.


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