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Strength Vibes - Jami Villegas

A lot has happened to me these days. I have dealt with absolute euphoric experiences and heartache. Simultaneously. The heartache, I realized, was brought on me, BY me. *sigh*... This has always been the case. In my experience, anyway. I remained strong, and I pulled though. And, yes, I always do. You see, I have taken away so may lessons from all of the terrible, messed up experiences I've had in life. I think that's the only way I've been able to survive. I am so thankful. Thankful for that inner strength. I can waive that flag proudly. We all can. No matter what you are going through, I always have faith in the positive. Weather it be a hard lesson learned, or a loving hug deserved, usually long overdo. But please, remember, there is always a light at the end of whatever tunnel we are all in. You are never alone. BUFC is so special to me because of the people I have met through it, not physically, but I can still feel their loving vibes and warmth. That's a special thing. More people need to tune into accepting positive energy around them, and the world could really be a better place. And the man, Chi Ling Dai Cheng, whom BUFC honors and remembers. What a beautiful soul and remarkable human being. I had the absolute privilege to meet him once, very brief, but the amount of happiness and love that his soul gave off was exhilarating and overwhelming. Strange how I could feel that with a five minute encounter. It was confirmed when I started talking with and became friends with his beloved mother. She has the same indescribable, warm, and loving vibe he has. I feel it just through exchanging words with her. She's helped me with so much. Just puttin out there how much this spirit and spirits mean to me. I love you all. Spread love, it's the only way. OneLove

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