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Writers Just Write - Chi Ming Cheng

You don’t have to push a writer to write, they just write. I don’t claim to be a writer, but I’ve got my share of shit to say too. Far as anyone knows you only get this one time around anyway. Really for me I dig on reincarnation. Do it til you get it right, dig? At this rate I will be a frog or a bear before too long.

I miss my brother. Sure, don’t we all? Yeah, I guess so.

March is traumatic brain injury awareness month. What can I say for anyone having to deal with the madness. Hang tough. We can only do what we can do. My brother Dai held on for 4 plus years. It’s a hell of a ride; One which could have been avoided with the aid of a seatbelt. A hell of a price to pay for a simple mistake.

My high school daughter is out catching bugs in the back yard for her biology class. The weather is getting nicer and I generally don’t have anything to complain about. Me and the wife are sitting on the bed with dueling laptops going. She asking me which iphone cover/case do I think she should buy. I tell her “like it matters”. She says I’m no help. Life is good. Hell even the dog got a bath.

That’s how my blog started anyway. Then it stalled, like they usually do; destined to end up in the grave that is my desktop. But then some asshole neighbor shot my daughter’s dog in the face with a high powered pellet gun. The vet did surgery to repair a broken jaw, remove some teeth and put a feeding tube in him. The day after the incident my daughter posted something at to raise funds. As of this writing 33 people gave $1,170 in 14 days. I can’t tell you how much that helped. When my brother had his accident I was amazed at every ones generosity. Again, we reached out to the community and again people came to the rescue. So just as I have to live with the fact that one of my neighbors is the kind of person that shoots a harmless dog in the face, I too learned again that the world is full of compassionate, giving people.

The dog, code name Suba, get’s his feeding tube out tomorrow and I suppose I won’t have an excuse for not going to work, when and if I can find it. I’m super grateful is what I’m trying to say. People constantly surprise me with how good they can be.

It’s no longer TBI awareness month, but I guess my blog is finally done. Much love and respect to you all. It’s a good community we have here.

Cheers, -M.

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