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Pay It Forward- Sandra Flores

Pay it forward is one of the greatest actions that anyone can do in their lives. To do something for a cause or for someone that need's it most and knowing you gave it your all it the most rewarding.

Looking back when I knew that Chi needed our help and daily prayers, it still amazes me that within a small period of time people from all walks of life were willing enough to give all their heart's and strength to Chi .

I remember when I did my first donation to it felt great knowing it's was going to Chi and all his care. However within time I wanted to do more and from there I just started to sell all my Deftones merch that I had and in hope it will help him out in any way.

In a short period of time I was getting help from my sister from another mister Ori and the great talents of Gerardo and Goonies, with all the merch they made that everyone put their creative hearts into. It felt great and they felt amazing by giving back and paying it forward. To give back to a person that has helped create music that has touched our hearts and made us feel alive.

Chi was always a person that gives and would never turn his back on to someone else. He would give back to his community even if it’s the smallest action it sure made a differences in someone' life.

I remember when Gerardo and I were selling raffle tickets during a Deftones concert in Los Angeles, I met a young man Luis Morales that gave a handful of DEFTONES shirts in hopes to raise some funds for Chi :) that was such an amazing moment that I gave him a hug and thanked him! All he said that "it was nothing and that Deftones has helped him and he would like to help too”

You don't have to be a millionaire or famous to give back to others. Just give from the heart and give your time and it will make a world of a difference. The experience has brought so many wonderful people that I consider as family and loved one's, that nothing is impossible as long you put your heart and hard work into it paying it forward and people from all walks of life will do the same. I’m so proud of Buckle Up For Chi and the amazing people behind this incredible community of people that work day in and day out just to keep Chi's love, strength, heart, and spirit alive.

Thank you so much

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