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Acts Of Kindness- Christina Camacho

When you think of the phrase “paying it forward”, most of us think of doing an act of kindness for another, usually suggesting instead of paying the individual back, to simply do an act of kindness to another, spreading the same message. We read about, hear about it, and at times, bear witness to it.

When I was younger, I recalled not having a job, but saving up my change whenever I could. I once had the hugest bag of coins.. EVER.. probably ever that I will have in my life (I myself need a lesson on saving LOL). I recall being out with a friend and was going to go to the drugstore and deposit it into the CoinStar to see what $$$ Miss Nina was going to get. Instead, I saw an old homeless man asking for change. I don’t know what compelled me; I did not even had him just some of my money.. I handed him my whole bag! I do not think I have seen anyone’s eyes so big and bewildered before! He kept asking if I was sure, and I said, “yes.. please.. you need it more than me.” And that was that. I know I had at least 30 bucks or even more worth of coins, but in the end the feeling I got was priceless. I do not know what he spent it on, or what his story was.. I would like to think he spent it on food. But what I did was just out of the kindness of my heart.. and I think on this planet we need to do more gestures of kindness for one other.

I am a firm believer that paying it forward does not have to even be about spending money on each other. If you notice that someone needs a shoulder to cry on, an outlet to let out frustration or anger, or just need company, pay it forward. For some acts of kindness, you do not win a medal or receive praise for your actions.. but for EVERY act of kindness the feeling you get internally is the greatest reward.. In my lifetime, I have had many friends come and go. I have stumbled upon friendships that have flourished more than I thought firsthand they would end up being. For all the tears I have cried, there have been ten times more smiles… with the help of my family and friends. If you knew you could brighten someone’s day, wouldn’t you?

The world can be harsh and cruel.. but not all is lost. You never know how much a gesture can make a difference. When you feed your soul with good gestures to another, I feel the universe does in turn reward you good gestures as well. The world needs more acts of kindness no matter how small the gesture is. J

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