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Selfless Act- Dustin P.

There are times in life where you have the ability to do something so thoughtful and so kind that it makes the recipient wonder if it's real life.. Too often, people participate in "acts of kindness" or perform "good deeds" and expect recognition in return. If there is an important thing we've learned since Chi Cheng's time With us, it's that life is too short to not celebrate everyone's specific walk of life without expecting something in return. Such a selfless human being who brought smiles to faces in any way he could, as often as he could. Chi taught us that our time comes to an end, but the memories we've made for others continues to inspire random, passionate and selfless acts of kindness in those we come in contact with.

One day I had a good friend ask me about purchasing several copies of the new Deftones album so she could send them to her husband and his fellow marines that were stationed in Afghanistan. She inquired because she didn't have a lot of money and wanted to see if there was any way I could get her a discount on her stuff because I was a manager at Best Buy. I let her know that I didn't get discounts on CDs but told her to wait for a second to see what I could do. I went and grabbed all the copies we had in the back to the tune of about 20 CDs.. I bought them using my debit card without her seeing, and bagged them all for her to take home to be shipped. When I placed the bag in front of her she asked what it was. I had told her that I took care of it, and that I appreciated what she wanted to do. I also told her that I appreciated her husband and his marines service for our country. Their selfless act made it so I could enjoy my freedoms every day. She looked at me and started crying, telling me that she was thankful for me and that she would repay me as soon as she got some funds. I informed her that would be unnecessary.. She started crying more and asked why.. I told her Chi's story, and that I couldn't possibly let her pay me for introducing more people to the band I love, with members like Chi who I looked up to. I did that to honor Chi, because he would have done it for me. I told her she could repay me by telling the same story and performing a selfless act just because she could. She gave me the biggest hug, a kiss on the cheek and said thank you. She ran out of the store to catch the next overseas shipment.

She returned several weeks later while I was on working and told me that she was back to pay me for the CDs.. Her husband and his marines sent her money after she told the story to them. When I refused payment she insisted. I insisted again that I wouldn't take it, and if she felt compelled to do something with that money, she could donate it to and it would go towards his rehabilitation. She opened up her phone and donated almost $300 right in front of me. She let me know that when she gets the chance to perform a selfless act because she can, she will do so because of our memory created for her in spirit of Chi.

Chi Cheng passed on April 13th, 2013.. He fought as hard as he could, as long as he could with his friends and family by his side. God brought him home to heaven where he continues to watch over us. When he left, the hole in our hearts was filled with his story, character, and genuine memories of his gentle soul. Now I push every day to inspire others to be compassionate towards each other. He loved his fans like he did his own family. The simplest of things can turn someone's outlook on life around so fast. That feeling of accomplishment in that very moment is payment enough. For that, I'm thankful. Rest in paradise, Chi. Always loved. Never forgotten. One love.


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