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The Chi Way- Jen Rogers

I read an interview with the Deftones. They were asked why they don't do a tribute to Chi at their shows. The answer was basically because Chi is still here. Stephen Carpenter once said "He will always be here because of Love." It took me awhile to understand that but now I think of it every time I see the kindness, smiles, and the giving and sharing between his fans, friend and family. I can't even begin to count all the times I have gotten into conversations about him with people I never met before. A lot of times I hand out BUFC fliers at various concerts. People usually thank me, but I'll never forget the guy that kept hugging me and thanking me endlessly. He told me a story about a night he got to hang out with Chi and glowed with joy talking about it. Chi was there in all of his hugs and smiles because of love.

Sweet Christina calls the giving and sharing "the Chi way". I get pretty emotional when I see all those beautiful moments and all of the gratitude that comes along with it. It helps me heal and it inspires me to keep it going in all the other areas of my life, not just online or at concerts. So now I carry around extra BUFC fliers, bracelets and stickers because I inevitably end up talking to somebody in some random situation about music, which almost always leads to a conversation about Chi. Just last week I stopped for some happy hour and met a guy and we started talking music (guess his favorite band). Then we talked about One Love for Chi and about BUFC. I happily offered him one of my bracelets and then his friend came out so I went to my car and got another bracelet and gave them both stickers and fliers too. Those two guys could not stop smiling. It was the coolest thing. We started talking about all that Chi has done for this world and how he is absolutely still with us and we can see it in all these moments of shared love.

Thank you Chi, and to all of you for sharing the "Chi way" with me and making me a better person. Much love and respect to all of you. <3OneLove<3

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