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"you may be there in spirit, but your body it’s really gone"

I’m very moved about this opportunity. I been a Deftones fan for many , many years, since the 90’s… I saw them live in Seattle in 2007, and when I heard the news in 2008, just broke my heart. Was a extreme sad situation, but as many people, I didn’t really understood the heaviness of a brain injury. Until December 2013, when my fiancé went to work and never came back. He was pedestrian and hit in the head by a SUV. He was in a coma for almost 2 months, longest months on my whole lifetime. That’s when I really learn about brain injuries cause all the research I did and well, I lived it in my own skin. Remember reading more deeply about Chi’s situation and how he, sadly, remained in a semi-comatose state, worst thing that can happened to a person, because you may be there in spirit, but your body it’s really gone. But Chi left a legacy that no one can’t take away, and it’s his music, his art, his poetry and how amazing he was. Music saved me and help me in order to help my partner, Dave. I played music for him everyday at ICU, massage him, put him oils, lemon in his tongue, really everything that I could do to have his senses awake again. The only thing that remained constant has been music, he pull through, but not like in the movies, in five minutes, took more then a year and he is still slowly recovering ( will be 3 years this December). I'm his only support, although I’m not from Vancouver, where we live ( I’m from Bolivia, South America), I have good and bad days, I admired Chi’s mom because been a caregiver is not easy, but the love you have for the person injured can bring strength that you never though you had.

I think it’s a great thing you are doing with this campaign, but also people should encourage others to stop using phones while driving . I just learned today that cellphones are 5 times more dangerous then drunk drivers.

Thank you for your music Chi, thank you for give us strength to keep going in this endless battle, as sadly, brain injuries never fade away, just improve but a person will never be the same.

Thank you for letting me share our story.

Dave and Tamara

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