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Happy end of the decade BUFC fam - Mike Fig

Happy end of the decade BUFC fam,

I write this to you whilst my headphones are in the throws of a healthy blend of Deftones tunes. Many of them remind me of Chi and his dreads (those dreads lopped I off and buried) bobbing thrashing and waving to the music. No better visual and soundtrack to share these words with you all.

We have finally come to the end of the 2010’s - Christ kids, a whole 10 years has gone by. I know you have changed. Hell I certainly have. Change is life. It has been a decade of growth and love and loss and triumphs and lows mixed a smattering of madness. In 2010 I was working in radio and Deftones were dropping diamond eyes. Chi was still battling to stay with us. The worm was turning.

In 2013 BUFC was born out of our brothers loss - a loss we still remember and mourn today. However- look what we have gained? In a weary world this group maintains comradery and connection; members support one another cheering each other on and giving back as much as they can. Not just monetarily either: the rallying around one another that goes on here everyday is unparalleled. We owe that to the music. To Chi. To each other.

This decade took Chi away from his family, friends, fellow musicians, and us. That stung like shit. It still does. I have recounted to you the story of when I was a young inexperienced reporter and met Chi in 2000 at the White Pony album release in NYC. He was about to be a Grammy award winning artist and appear on Letterman. But there he was hanging with me; a scared nobody among a sea of Rolling Stone, Billboard, and Spin magazine journalists- and made me feel as chill, normal, and as important as any of them.

That’s what he left us. That’s what Buckle up for Chi is and maintains being day to day.

I am grateful for you all. Thank you for this group and community. 2010’s were a sea change- but the sea took away and gave back almost in the same ebb and flow-didn’t it? Chi into BUFC. And it goes on.

I hope you all have a blessed year ahead and I will be looking forward to seeing everyone thru their triumphs and falters coupled with some fun and music in the BUFC community.

When I met Chi, I had a Jagermeister lanyard around my neck that I used for my press pass because my other broke. Chi jokingly told me that there’s no way I drank Jager. On New Years (as much as I hate Jager) I’m going to have a shot for him. If you drink, I invite you to do the same.

One love to you all and thanks to Christina, Rena , Missy, Jam, Michelle, Mama Cheng, Sunny, and anyone I forgot for all you do - this community is nothing without you.

Head up kids. See you in 2020

Mike Fig


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