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Jonah Matranga of Far

As far as I can tell, the only good thing about the finality of death is that it's very permanence can be an everlasting reminder of ways we can live in light of our loss. As crazy, adventurous and wonderfully carefree as Chi was, I know that if he could have seen what was coming, he'd have made the simple gesture and worn his seatbelt. He knew there was a difference between reckless that's fun and reckless that's life-threatening. Whatever the circumstances were that led to him not fastening his seatbelt that night, it really doesn't matter now. What matters now is how we want to live, knowing what we know. If Chi's death could lead to even one life being saved by someone buckling up, I know he'd want that more than anything.

Take care out there, everyone. One Love.

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